Thursday, April 1, 2010

No, this is not... April Fool joke...

Big Brother is watching you. He's also watching your trash. Read more here.

You'd better be using clear trash bags:

Opaque trash bags were not collected and instead left at the curb and tagged, and if they weren't removed by the owner within a week, they were tagged with an ordinance violation.

Here's an idea: What if they just put the black bag-o-trash inside a clear trash bag?

You'd better not toss that Dr. Pepper can:

This spring, the city will take another step in enforcing the collection of recyclable materials. Starting next week, warning notices will be issued to residents who do not put out any recyclables for collection. Also, the city may issue warning notices "where it is evident that recyclable materials have been mixed in with the garbage," said Kay James, city manager.

Watch the news video, Recycling Police, here.

How long before we have neighbors ratting out neighbors? When will children begin calling in tips that their parents' who aren't recycling? How did we get to this point in our country?

I've got a couple of dumb questions. Maybe the folks in Canandaigua can provide some dumb answers.
  1. How much in non-recyclable/non-renewable resources will be used to enforce this ordinance?
  2. Why not have all trash and recyclables collected by the same crews/trucks and sent to a central sorting facility staffed by welfare recipients working in exchange for their benefits?

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