Thursday, December 24, 2009

Balloon Boy

The latest on the Balloon Boy story is here.

Put the blame for the hoax squarely on the parents' shoulders. What a pair of losers!

He portrayed the Heenes as growing increasingly desperate as their pitches for a reality TV show kept getting turned down by networks—and the family fell deeper into a financial hole. Lewis said the Heenes set in motion the balloon hoax in early October as a way to jumpstart the effort and get some attention.

They chose Oct. 15 because the weather was cooperating and the kids were home for school with parent-teacher conferences, allowing the Heenes to report that 6-year-old Falcon had floated away, Lewis said.

Once the parents were brought in for questioning, Richard Heene feigned sleep during the lie-detector test, claiming it was some sort of diabetic episode, Lewis said.

Of course, they wouldn't have had a snowball's chance in hell of getting their hoax off the ground if it weren't for our country's rabid media. They jump on any and every "story" the second it "breaks".

Twenty-four hour news channels seemed like a good idea at first. There are so many now, though, that there's just not enough solid news to go around. They've resorted to tabloid-type journalism and it's out of hand.

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