Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Just Yet

I'll post rant upon rant for a quite while before I can get to the Global Warming scam.

Give me some time - there are so many that got here "first".

Take the "We never walked on the moon!" crowd. It's absolutely sickening that young people today would even think about buying into that one. You might be surprised at how many believe it was all an elaborate hoax.

Ten years ago, a Gallup poll showed the 89% of us believed the moon landings were real. Six percent thought they were faked, and five percent were undecided. A Time/CNN poll in 1995 showed a shift to 83% believed, 6% didn't, and 11% weren't sure. Read about it here.

While I find those numbers disturbing, it gets worse. has a newer poll here. While it's probably not as scientific as the others, I spot a trend.

Even with my vote for "real", that choice was picked by only 78%. Nineteen percent think we never walked on the moon and another one percent aren't sure. Check out current results (15,598 votes up to now) here.

Where's the respect for the thousands upon thousands of people who made the landings a reality?

How are the scammers who profit from the hoax theory allowed to get away with it?

We have laws that prevent criminals from capitalizing on their "fame". So, why are these jackasses allowed to get rich by smearing heroic Americans?


  1. Many people who subscribe to the faked moon landing theory seem to forget that there was more than one moon landing. The interesting theory that's been going around lately is that the Russians may have been to the moon first, but there was an accident on the surface and the Russian cosmonauts died, turning an accomplishment into an embarrassment for the Bears. No one's quite certain why Ed Mitchell came back so loopy. Perhaps he was spooked by the skeletal remains of a cosmonaut clutching on to a bottle of vodka.

  2. If your so convinced we actually went to the moon, why don't you practice what you preach and start showing us some factual, concrete evidence? Something real, something tangible, not science fiction or fairy tales.

    That I will believe.

  3. "you're" - not "your"

    I guess you'd like me to pull a moon rock out of my ass as proof I was on one of those missions, right?

    The conspiracy theory crowd is all about taking money from today's under-educated masses.

    It's a great way to earn a living, isn't it?

    Create reasons that the pyramids couldn't be man-made.

    Dream up ways JFK could have been killed by anyone except Oswald.

    Get some "eye-witness" accounts of alien spacecraft hidden away in Area 51.

    P.T. Barnum had people like you pegged:

    "There's a sucker born every minute!"

    Think Occam's razor, mini-mind...


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