Sunday, February 28, 2010

Al Gore...

...need I say more?

Is the planet warming? Maybe.

If so, is it due to human activity? Maybe.

If so, what can the United States do about it? Nothing.

That's right, my fellow Americans - nothing!

You can drive all the Japanese Prius hybrids you can find. You can put up all the windmills you can build. You can kill off each and every farting cow roaming the pastures of Wisconsin.

And still, it won't make a dent - make that a dimple - in the "problem".

You see, my friends, we're a nation of around 310 million (probably 340 million, if you count illegals) and we can't possibly counteract the actions of 5 billion crazed carbon-burners now, can we?

Read Bound to Burn here.

Read an op-ed by Chicken Little Al Gore here.

1 comment:

  1. God I hope you realize global warming, climate gate and the likes of the tree hugging cap and trade taxation and socialist bastards invented and propogated "global warming" only to steal money from you.

    It doesn't exist. Can you not read? Climate gate? Scientific fact? Anyone? Who cares about global warming? We are in a phase of global cooling. Wake up.


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