Sunday, February 21, 2010

History Rewrite

Isn't is amazing that history can be rewritten so easily? Take the new book, "The Last Train from Hiroshima" by Charles Pellegrino.

The claim is that the blast over Hiroshima was a "dud".

Some dud!

Pellegrino was duped by one Joseph Fuoco, who claimed an accident before the bombing run had resulted in Little Boy being about half-strength at the time of detonation. Read more here.

“I’m stunned,” Mr. Pellegrino said. “I liked and admired the guy. He had loads and loads of papers, and photographs of everything.”

The public record has to be repaired, he added. “You can’t have wrong history going out,” he said. “It’s got to be corrected.”

Good for Pellegrino! He's going to fix the error. How often does this sort of thing happen and it's never retracted/corrected?

A few hundred years from now, will children be taught that Jesus was gay? After all, Sir Elton John said so...

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