Sunday, March 21, 2010


Our nation is no longer creeping toward socialism.

Rather, we are speeding toward it like a runaway Toyota!

Whatever your political views, you cannot deny this fact. It started with FDR and continued with LBJ. Now, final steps toward socialism are being put in place under BHO.

The health care reform package being rammed down our throats will:
  • result in lower quality health care,
  • allow your tax dollars to fund abortion,
  • grant coverage to tens of millions of illegal aliens,
  • raise costs for the average American,
  • grant special exceptions/privileges to a handful of states,
  • raise taxes for the average American,
  • increase dependency on the federal government, and
  • ultimately bankrupt our country.

It's likely this bill will pass. Once the president signs it into law, I think you'll see plenty of flags flying upside down around our country.

Americans who had hoped our country would reverse course are disgusted with this "final straw".

I'm calling on Americans to fly their flags upside down, not only as a protest against this bill, but as a sign of distress. Our republic is in peril.

Our nation is being led down a road that means the erosion of our freedoms and sentences our children and grandchildren to a life as servants to Big Brother.

Read more on flying flags upside down here.


  1. I would love to see some hard numbers on the above information. Do you have links or resources you could recommend?

  2. Where were you when Bush II was passing the Patriot Act, wiretapping American citizens, and really using 1984 as a instruction manual. Your protests ring hollow when the Federal government already accounts for at least half of all medical spending today.

  3. i did not vote for bush, nor did i support the outrageous bloating of our federal government on his watch. i'm an independent voter and i oppose the creation of a nanny state!

  4. you are an idiot i hope you get anal cancer!

  5. Artemis BlackpearlMarch 22, 2010 at 12:29 AM

    May you please give some sort of proof to all that was stated above?
    I would love to see where you're getting all your information. Statistics, journals of respect, and so on would be lovely.
    Thank you

  6. If you could, please and thanks, add links to your article about the hazards of the Health Care Reform bill. At least a few entries from the Cato Institute, or something. All we have is your word that these things will come to pass. As a librarian by trade, I need research to confirm the arguments.

    And to the anonymous poster above suggesting numbnuts here should get cancer: if you're gonna insult someone, have the balls and the decency to sign your work.

  7. Freddy: Your Golden Boy renewed the PATRIOT Act:

    Obama signs PATRIOT Act extension without reforms

    He has also increased the size of the Federal Government beyond anything Bush did. This new health-care fiasco will generate dozens - if not hundreds - of new bureaucracies.

  8. People want to see evidence? We are talking about a Republican here...

  9. Well, I would suggest visiting the Politifact website at to get some insight on the issues regarding health care.

    Another thing about this whole "we're sliding into SOCIALISM" fear meme: can you readily define socialism today? Are we going by Safire's definition or John Birch's? Why is Socialism still viewed as a threat nearly 18-19 years after Capitalism (as pushed by Thatcher and Reagan) had proven more flexible, durable and lasting than Socialism (and by extension its bigger nastier brother Communism)? Why is universal health care considered "socialist" when every other G-8 nation (Capitalist stalwart nations Japan and England especially!) have universal health care? Can it be possible to have health care reform and still be a capitalist-based economy?

  10. "(Capitalist stalwart nations Japan and England especially!)"

    Do you really think Formerly Great Britain is anything resembling a capitalist country?

    Japan's economy has been in the tank for years.

  11. @ZZMike, Compared to the former Soviet Union, England is pretty much a capitalist country, so yeah. France and Germany tend to be a bit more pro-Union, aren't they? But even they are G-8 level economies and major players on the global economic stage. And they have uni health care too. Try also India and Brazil, developing economic powers (getting big enough to earn a seat with the G-8) also with universal health care.

    Notice a trend? All these nations do pretty well as financial engines on the global economic stage, and all of them have universal health care.

    As for Japan's economy being in the tank, a lot of that has to do with their capitalist system - especially their stock market and real estate systems - getting a bit too unregulated and overextended. Try for more details. As best I know, Japan's Lost Decade had nothing to do with universal health care.

  12. Rusty,
    It is obvious you and the rest of the teapartiers are making up your lies as you go along. The other commenters agree.

    Rusty, you really need to study and read the truth and stop believing LIARS like Beck, Malkin, Limbaugh and the teapartiers.

    The worst prez in history was Bush. I don't know why you or the teapartiers didn't protest when he took us to a wrongful war or when he instituted the patriot act which took away so many of our American Civil Liberties.

    I feel sorry for all of you teapartiers. You need to get a clue!


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