Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here's a comment I just posted on this morning's "Dragging Us Down":

I understand that many of you are new to the site. My nine regular readers understand that I'm an independent that didn't vote for Bush. I didn't vote for Obama, either.

Both are liars who have managed to take away our freedoms. My rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have been seriously damaged by the federal government under their watch.

This didn't start with Bush and it won't end with Obama. It's a system the two major parties have set up to keep the common man down. It will work as long as we continue to send our money to Washington and "hope" for something in return.

I've never attended a "Tea Party", nor will I.

My site is here to point out the scammers and liars that are damaging our way of life.

Whether it's something as minor as a bogus product like "Head-On" or as major as the government take-over of private businesses, it's all part of a pattern of lies and distortions.

I'll ask Dee this:

Do you think illegal immigration is a good thing for the United States?

It's a simple yes or no question.

Yes, or no?

Even the illegal aliens themselves know the answer is "no".

It's only logical that illegal immigration hurts any country, that's why almost every civilized nation on Earth has laws prohibiting it.

Legal immigration, on the other hand, is good for our country. That's why we have laws that allow/regulate legal immigration.

If you honestly think illegal immigration is okay, leave the front door to your home wide open and don't lift a finger to stop anyone from waltzing into your kitchen and eating you out of house and home.

Don't say a thing when someone else is in your bed. If someone opens up the garage and drives off with your Prius, just let them go.

If you're not willing to do things like that at your own home, you must be a racist, right?

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  1. TEN regular readers, I have never commented, but I read every day.



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