Saturday, March 6, 2010


Thirty years from now, what will historians call this stage in our slide toward socialism?

It's a fact that our nation is moving rapidly toward becoming a socialist country.

It all started with Roosevelt's New Deal and really picked up steam with Johnson's Great Society. Now, we've got Obama taking over automobile companies, banks, insurance, and health care.

The founding fathers believed in freedom/independence. They fought to give us freedom/independence. We've squandered that gift. We should be ashamed of ourselves for that.

The saying used to be "Better dead than Red". We were going to fight the commies with everything we had, weren't we?

What's so different now? Isn't our own government behaving just like the Soviets? Those same Russians we were committed to nuking into oblivion?

We cannot claim to be free when we are dependent on the government for nearly everything.

If we continue down this road toward socialism, almost every American will one day need the government to control their lives from the cradle to the grave.

Health care, education, employment, and retirement needs will all be "dispensed" by the United States Government.

What's that you say? Yeah, we're pretty much already there...


  1. These your new diggs Rusty?


    Big Swede

  2. Hi Rusty, thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the cartoons and am now going to read your older entries. I'm pretty sure we agree on many topics.


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