Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dragging Us Down

Illegal immigration is eroding our standard of living here in the United States of (Sc)America.

Maybe you've been reading b.s. like this and this.

Maybe you think the people who broke into our country are going to "Rebuild the American Economy", right?

Maybe you think illegal immigration has actually improved our standard of living here and that bringing more immigrants into our country would be a good thing. Are you serious?

If so, you are so far removed from reality that you can no longer be helped. Go immediately to the nearest nuthouse and commit yourself. Just like they're telling you about health care reform, it'll be for the good of the country...

Barack Hussein Obama and John Sidney McCain III are teaming up in the "path to citizenship" scam that will help turn our nation into a turd-world country.

People here illegally did not come to America to become Americans. They came to America to take advantage of Americans.

They've discovered that we will accept the lowering of our standards in return for the cheap, untrained labor they provide.

By hiring illegal aliens to mow our lawns, milk our cows, pour our concrete, and roof our houses, we're able to keep our young people out of those "menial" jobs, right?

That way they've got more time to update their Facebook pages...


  1. We don't even have jobs for Americans these days and Obama wants to give illegals legal status and the right to work? It's insane!

  2. Poor Randy. It is obvious you do not understand the Immigration issues nor how broken our current policies are. I feel sorry for you.

    Stop the Hate!
    Seek first to Understand then to be Understood!

  3. To begin to understand Immigration Reform policies, start here:

  4. Typical, Dee, typical.

    You think you can make your case by labeling those of us who advocate following the laws of the land as "haters", but if that's all you've got, it isn't enough. The smokescreen no longer works. Americans against illegal immigration aren't buying it.

    U.S. citizens are starting to wake up to the mess our country's in.

    One reason it's gotten this bad - and no, it's not the only reason - is that we've allowed people like yourselves to silence us with cries of "racist" and "haters".

    We're not racist.

    We're not haters.

    We just don't want tens of millions of people to be in our country illegally while others who follow immigration law have to wait for years to enter.

    Immigrants who do it the right way are coming to America to become Americans.

    Trespassers who are sneaking into our country would rather transform our country into something totally different.

  5. I understand that many of you are new to the site. My nine regular readers understand that I'm an independent that didn't vote for Bush. I didn't vote for Obama, either.

    Both are liars who have managed to take away our freedoms. My rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have been seriously damaged by the federal government under their watch.

    This didn't start with Bush and it won't end with Obama. It's a system the two major parties have set up to keep the common man down. It will work as long as we continue to send our money to Washington and "hope" for something in return.

    I've never attended a "Tea Party", nor will I.

    My site is here to point out the scammers and liars that are damaging our way of life.

    Whether it's something as minor as a bogus product like "Head-On" or as major as the government take-over of private businesses, it's all part of a pattern of lies and distortions.

    I'll ask Dee this:

    Do you think illegal immigration is a good thing for the United States?

    It's a simple yes or no question.

    Yes, or no?

    Even the illegal aliens themselves know the answer is "no".

    I'ts only logical that illegal immigration hurts any country, that's why almost every civilized nation on Earth has laws prohibiting it.

    Legal immigration, on the other hand, is good for our country. That's why we have laws that allow/regulate legal immigration.

    If you honestly think illegal immigration is okay, leave the front door to your home wide open and don't lift a finger to stop anyone from waltzing into your kitchen and eating you out of house and home.

    Don't say a thing when someone else is in your bed. If someone opens up the garage and drives off with your Prius, just let them go.

    If you're not willing to do things like that at your own home, you must be a racist, right?

  6. Regardless of how many times our viewpoints differ, I can't do anything but agree with what you have to say in this post Rusty. Your definitely not a racist and bring of solid and valid points.

    - Liberatus


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